Why Laura?

Laura has been an active and involved member of the Andover community for many years. She made the decision to run for Selectman to expand her leadership role and push our representatives to reflect broader needs in our community.

Read Laura’s statement on why she decided to run:

“I moved to Andover 15 years ago for two reasons – the vibrant and beautiful downtown and the great schools. Since then my experiences have shown me that Andover is a town of values and community, a place where I am proud to be raising and educating my children. Over the years the Board of Selectmen’s forward thinking has helped to create the Andover we know and love. However, in recent years the Board of Selectmen has directed its attention on a few problems to the exclusion of its larger mission, no longer focusing on shaping the present and future of our Town. That needs to change.

“I am running for Selectman to be part of the re-focusing of the Board of Selectmen to again be a group actively working towards a government that reflects all Andover’s residents and does so in the context of both Andover’s history and the bright future we can all achieve together.”

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