Why I am running


Among Andover’s many strong qualities is the value we place on our environment — the 20% of our town that is green space: our trails, reservations, AVIS, and the Shawsheen River Greenway, to name a few. The Shawsheen River now offers more recreational opportunities with the dams removed, and the Historic Mill District will further showcase this hidden gem. Andover’s previous leaders exercised great foresight by designating commercial/industrial zoning along the I-93 and I-495 corridors and the outskirts of town. This allows Andover to be a place where commercial/industrial business can coexist with housing, green space, and our vibrant downtown to create the historic New England charm that is Andover. Our open space brings some to town, keeps many in town and is appreciated by all. We must make sure that our green space is protected in the future, that the value of further investment is recognized by the Board of Selectmen, and that future planning recognizes this asset that sets Andover apart from so many other towns.